Popsicle collage

Summer is approaching and fast. I’m thinking of the beach, popsicles, parties, and well just about everything. One must-have at any party are piñatas! It’s perfect for any celebration and doesn’t matter whether you are the cool kid or an adult. I’ve grown up with traditional piñatas like the starburst and donkey, but definitely going to explore contemporary ideas for piñatas.

Currently on my Etsy shop, I have a champagne bottle piñata for sell and it’s the cutest thing. The first one I ever made was to celebrate New Years Eve with my family, but most who buy it are using it for bridal showers, weddings, and anniversaries.

Making a piñata can be a bit time consuming, but you can form them pretty much to any shape and size you want. Most of the materials you need are already at your house. Basic materials you need are newspaper (non-glossy), cardboard, flour, water, and tissue paper. The process can be messy, but fun!

Learn how to make, here.


DIY Rubber Stamp

I’ve been thinking about packaging designs for sales tags and such and came across the most boring rubber stamps. Instead of buying a generic stamp, I decided to make my own custom stamp. I drew a few sketches and finally decided on a cute pineapple. I’m planning to use it for tags, cards, and labels. It was fairly easy and will definitely make more!

See tutorial here