DIY Memorial Day

Busy this Memorial weekend? Enjoy these patriotic DIY projects to commemorate those who have served. I can truly say, I’m blessed to be an american and live here with my family. It’s the simple things that make America so great! Couldn’t be possible without all those who have served. 

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DIY Diamond Push Pins

We all have multi-color push pins somewhere in the house, usually way deep in our drawers. I hardly use them because they are not the cutest, but with some imagination we can turn those around. You can use any push pin/tack, in my tutorial I used gold tacks, but longer the pin the better.

Concrete is making a big statement and it’s really easy to work with. Concrete isn’t that expensive, the bag itself costs about $4-5 at homedepot. My dad works with concrete all the time and not once did I ever think that concrete could be so classy and modern. It’s a sturdy material and easy to mold.

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