Under the Sea

I can’t handle how amazing these pieces are, fit for all mermaids out there! Living in Hawaii for a few years, I practically lived in the ocean and have a deep respect for the ocean and creatures. I always came across sea glass, but never knew I could make a pendant out of it?!? The Venus chair is a must have! It’s the perfect shade and beautifully crafted. It’s definitely on my wish list.

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Inspiration | Cacti

Summer has been dreadful this year, I can see the pavement sizzling and my poor grass is drying up! And of course I live in Arizona, so it’s expected, but I never get use to it. I’m not sure how anything can live out here, but it’s incredible how cacti can live up for many years with little water. I think they definitely deserve their spotlight so here are some cacti themed projects.

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